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Climate Land Leaders

The world agrees that we must take urgent action to address climate change and its impacts. Sharing Our Roots and other dynamic and committed landowners have joined together to help tackle the climate crisis on a valuable resource: the land they own.

Moving from an industrial agriculture system that relies heavily on fossil fuel and nitrogen fertilizers to regenerative agriculture practices dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Regenerative agriculture practices also improve soil health, thereby increasing the soil’s potential to be the carbon sink we so need. Regenerative agriculture provides a variety of other ecosystem services as well, such as improvements in biodiversity, water quality, reduced flooding and more.

Climate Land Leaders come together to set conservation goals for their land. They also participate in a peer-to-peer network and work with partner experts to help them implement their goals.

Together these landowners are increasing plant and animal diversity on their land. They are keeping their soils covered and roots in the ground year around. They are planting trees and shrubs on cropland. Restoring prairie and savannas and wetlands. Improving nutrient management on their crop ground. And much more. Climate Land Leaders is science-based. Participants take soil samples over the years to document increases in soil organic matter and soil carbon.

To learn more about Climate Land Leaders visit their official website here.

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