Board Member

Antonia Cristofaro Hark grew up in Northfield, MN and holds deep connections with the local community. Because of this history and her connection to the local community, she feels invested in Northfield’s ability to prioritize community care, address racism, and develop real solutions to the climate crisis and food security issues. Antonia has years of experience working in food systems and as a community organizer, including time organizing with Migrant Justice, Center for Workers United in Justice, and the Huertas Project. Through this work, she has experience in collaborative work, addressing group power dynamics, and exercising cultural humility.

What Antonia Enjoys About Sharing Our Roots

I feel it's an integral time in history to be rethinking and rebuilding our food systems in a way that works for everyone. I am energized by the ways Sharing our Roots has centered intersectionality in all programming; we can not move forward with healing land and community without centering the voices and knowledge of BIPOC, immigrants, and other historically marginalized communities.