Moses Momanyi

Dawn2Dusk Farms

Moses Momanyi grew up on a farm in rural western Kenya. After winning a visa lottery, he emigrated to the United States in 2004 where he met his wife, Ronah, who had also won a visa lottery to come to the US. Moses and Ronah started Dawn2Dusk Gardens in 2009 on five acres that they rented in the St. Criox Falls, WI, area. In 2014, they purchased their own land and moved to Cambridge, MN, where they are working to bring the land back to organic status.

Dawn2Dusk Farm is a certified-organic, family-run vegetable farm in Cambridge, MN. The 20-acre farm is committed to a philosophy of using sustainable farming practices and a fair way to share space. In 2020, Dawn2Dusk began training beginning farmers on behalf of Kilimo MN, their new farmer training organization. Kilimo Minnesota is an organic incubator farm with a mission to empower emerging farmers of African descent, socially and economically through mentorship, farmland access navigation and community building.

This season, Moses will be growing Kernza Perennial Grain at Sharing Our Roots Farm to help diversify his crop and demonstrate how this perennial wheat can positively contribute to the environment and climate crisis.

How To Support Dawn2Dusk Farms

Dawn 2 Dusk Farm sells at the Kingfield, Fulton, and Mill City Farmers Markets in Minneapolis, MN. You can also purchase products directly on their website.