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Dawn Wegscheid

Operations Manager


Dawn was born and raised in southeastern MN, a small town “city kid” whose extended family were embedded in monocultural farming for generations. The complexity of this culture in our history sparked interest in food access and food security for her in adulthood while working at an organic CSA farm. Food security on a local level became a central issue to her personal ideology, advocacy, and professional life and she received a degree in Social Work from Saint Catherine University. Dawn believes that nourishing and honoring our land and water is essential to continue to nourish and honor ourselves and our cultures. We are the land and water. As Operations Manager at Sharing Our Roots, Dawn will be providing essential administrative support and ensuring equity is at the forefront of all of our work, both internally and through our initiatives. 

What Dawn Enjoys About Sharing Our Roots

Working with everyone at Sharing Our Roots has given me a true understanding of equitable farming initiatives, intentional long-term planning for land, wildlife, and water conservation, and has provided an incredible community of people who realize our responsibility to the land and water.