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Lina Nyaronge

Community Connector


Lina, aka “Mama Tshutshu,” is a transplant from Kisii, Kenya, a beautiful part of the world known for its coffee and tea plantations. Like most people in Kisii, she grew up raising chickens and planting chinsaga, okra and managu. Before moving to the United States, Mama Tshutshu studied Animal Science, Agriculture and Horticulture Business at the University of Nairobi. When she arrived in Northfield she did what she knew best: She gathered her East African neighbors and started several community gardens. At the start of 2020, Mama Tshutshu joined our staff as a Community Connector and is helping us expand our resources to Northfield’s East African community. With her leadership we can ensure our East African neighbors have the support they need to farm in Minnesota.

What Lina Enjoys About Sharing Our Roots

I am blessed to be part of Sharing Our Roots. Indeed I love to serve God and my people, and will go the extra mile to do so, especially with the current pandemic. I really enjoy meeting new people and being part of the team.