Wyatt Parks

Co-Farm Manager


Wyatt is originally from Washington State. He studied at Fairhaven College, where he received an Agroecology and Sustainable Natural Resource Management degree. Wyatt’s time in academia was spent learning and understanding the value of sustainable agricultural ecosystems. Before leaving Washington, he worked as a Farm Tech for Hopewell Farm, a mixed production farm in Whatcom County WA. At Hopewell, he worked closely with 180 head of organic dairy, more than 500 acres of organic vegetables and field crops, and a variety of perennial seed and fruit crops. In the summer of 2018, Wyatt moved to Northfield and joined the Sharing Our Roots team. As Co-Farm Manager at our 100-acre farm, Wyatt oversees the daily operations, from infrastructure development to repairing broken machinery.

What Wyatt Enjoys About Sharing Our Roots

At Sharing Our Roots, I have the opportunity to work not for the personal enrichment of an individual but rather for the betterment of the farming community at large.