Farmers raise flocks for 2019 Chicken CSA

Rocky Casillas blog

This year, farmers trained in Main Street Project’s model, including Rebeccah Nyabando and Antonia Navarro will be busy raising 1,500 chickens for sale through our Chicken CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The proceeds from the CSA sales help the producers cover operating costs and pay themselves for their labor. Together with other flock sales, they are able to even generate a bit of a profit.

Rebeccah, Antonia and others will raise the birds in free-range paddocks with a developing hazelnut canopy. The birds will be fed on forage, sprouted grains, and non-GMO feed, without antibiotics or chemicals. The system is developed to care for the land, provide fair return to the farmer, treat the animals humanely, and provide quality healthy nutrition to the consumer.

When customers buy the chickens, Main Street Project dedicates 40 cents per bird to our Community Food Program to enable access to healthy local food for low-income families.

The CSA chickens will be sold in boxes of 3, 6 and 12 with distribution this summer, fall and next winter. To sign up, please click here. (Sorry deliveries only available in Northfield and Minneapolis.)

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