Main Street Project Launches Unique CSA Program

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Main Street Project has put a twist on the conventional CSA (community supported agriculture) program by offering shares of locally raised chickens. Community members are invited to purchase a half (six chickens from spring flock) or full (six chickens from each of the spring/summer flocks) share for the 2018 season by visiting

Over the last year, Main Street Project has received regional, national and international attention for its poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system. After purchasing 100 acres of Northfield, Minn., farmland to establish its demonstration farm, Main Street Project is uniquely positioned to expand its training program to area Latino farmers who have a wealth of farming experience and knowledge and a strong desire to establish themselves socially and economically. Support for the CSA will secure a guaranteed market and provide the upfront financing necessary for flock production. In turn, it offers investors access to local, seasonal food directly from the farmers.

In addition to educating trainees on Main Street Project’s poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system, farmers who take part in the agripreneur training program work together to learn flock and paddock management while they acquire the skills for running their small business. As support for Main Street Project’s agricultural model grows, graduates of the training program will help build a regional agriculture economy that restores the land; produces healthy, nourishing food; and positively impacts marginalized and underemployed community members.

Main Street Project’s Chief Operating Officer Julie Ristau says, “More than just chickens, we see this program as the foundation for the future of regenerative farming. Not only will investors receive delicious, locally raised chickens, they will support an important social enterprise that can change how food is produced around the world.”

Approximately 4.3 pounds after processing, Main Street Project’s chickens are raised free of antibiotics and chemicals. The birds also rotationally graze outdoors with plenty of sunlight and are free of crates or confinement. Their diet includes non-GMO grains, sprouts and forages and is free of genetically modified grains.

Main Street Project’s agripreneurs will raise two flocks in the 2018 season. There are two investment options for consumers – a full share (six chickens from each of two flocks) for $200.00 or a half share (six chickens from one flock) for $100.00. Distribution dates and pickup locations will be determined at a later date.

To learn more about Main Street Project’s chicken CSA and to purchase a share, visit csa.

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