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Thank you for your interest in joining Sharing Our Roots' Board of Directors! 


Sharing Our Roots is an organization grounded in its land-based mission. Our 100-acre farm in Dakota County is home to our food security, commons-based farming, land restoration and climate change work. All of which is led by a diverse team of highly skilled, co-creative, and dedicated individuals. As we scale up our regional impact on all fronts, we seek Board Members who can contribute the same level of passion and commitment to these efforts.

The mission of Sharing Our Roots is to: “Advance a resilient agriculture system that demonstrates the power to heal our lands, nourish our communities and prepare emerging farmers.” The Sharing Our Roots Board plays an essential role in the organization by setting direction, creating policy, and providing guidance and support to the entire team in achieving our mission.

We’re looking for Board Members who:

  • Are passionate about, and committed, to Sharing Our Roots’ mission
  • Are in a position to help us grow our reach and impact in the region
  • Are innovative thinkers and paradigm shifters
  • Are representative of the communities we engage

Overview of Service

The Board is committed to upholding best practices in all aspects of the organization’s work and serving as stewards who hold the organization in trust for the good of the community. The Board is responsible for the overall governance of Sharing Our Roots in a manner that is consistent with nonprofit law in Minnesota and the organization’s bylaws and mission. Together with staff, Board members provide assurance and oversight over major policies and procedures, especially those that impact the long-term health and well-being of the nonprofit. 

Shared Responsibilities of Board Members
  • Organizational Ambassadors – Supporting the organization’s reputation and visibility goals. Demonstrated passion in the mission and promoting the work of Sharing Our Roots to the general public.
  • Strategic Planning – Planning for the future, including working with the staff to: set the organization’s strategic direction and annually reviewing and updating the organization’s mission and goals. 
  • Development – Identifying and helping secure funding from appropriate donor agencies, institutions, individuals and other revenue streams to achieve the organization’s mission. 
  • Finance – Ensuring the responsible management of Sharing Our Roots’ properties and funds, including approval of an annual budget.
  • Human Resources / Board Development / Staff Development – Participating in Board and staff development and policy.

Board Recruitment

At Sharing Our Roots, our team and current Board has identified two key areas of intentional recruitment: Diversity and Leadership. 


One of our goals is to ensure Board members bring a diverse set of lived experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking to help guide our food and ag systems work. We're particularly interested in adding intergenerational leaders who represent the communities we engage locally (farmers, BIPOC/LGBTQ, women, immigrants).


We're interested in welcoming individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and commitment to enacting positive change in their communities; and who have expertise and connections within the worlds of: food and agriculture, community health and equity, environment and climate, philanthropy, and marketing/communications. 

Join Us

If you’re interested in joining our Board, please reach out to Please include in your message a paragraph about the following:

  1. Why do you wish to join the Sharing Our Roots Board of Directors and team?
  2. What would you like to share with us (wisdom, experiences, skills) to help us advance our mission?