Our Farm

Our 100-acre Research & Demonstration farm is home to all of our groundbreaking work.

The Sharing Our Roots Farm is a 100-acre landscape where innovation happens.

On this land, we are demonstrating a model for a resilient future: a biodiverse system of symbiotically connected livestock and perennials, with no chemical inputs, that builds soil, retains and cleans water and delivers economic benefits to our community.

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There are many benefits to keeping animals on the land. Livestock help with weed suppression, nutrient cycling and building organic matter. Learn how sheep and poultry are helping restore the health of our soils.

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Perennials have extensive root systems that provide several advantages to annuals, including reducing soil erosion and rainwater runoff. Find out which native species we’re working with on our farm and why they’re important.

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Soil & Water

We’re following the principles of regenerative agriculture to rebuild the fertility of our soils and wetland habitat across the land, and to improve the quality of the water flowing through our farm.

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Birds and amphibians are sensitive to environmental changes and therefore are good ecosystem indicators, offering clues on toxins and diseases. We’re documenting wildlife presence to help guide us in managing our farm.

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With your help, we can restore the health of our planet and revitalize rural communities through the power of regenerative agriculture.