Our farm

100 Acres of Innovation

The Sharing Our Roots Farm is a place where innovation happens.

At the heart of all of our work is our belief in the commons -- in a shared economy. The farm offers a safe and welcoming space where people from all walks of life can come together to grow food, share stories, build wealth and farm in community. Together with farmers, we are modeling a different way of farming in Minnesota - one that values and respects the knowledge of farmers, cares for the land and water, and is committed to preserving our wildlife heritage for future generations.

Brief History

The Sharing Our Roots Farm is located on the territory of the Wahpekute, a band of the Dakota people. This land was ceded in the 1851 Dakota Land Cession Treaties, for which little payment was ever received.

Though the years of white control, natural areas were destroyed and eventually only corn and soybeans were raised on the land. Since 2016, Sharing Our Roots has been working to actively restore the landscape back to health using climate-friendly, regenerative farming practices.

Today, the farm is a thriving ecosystem - A home to native species of plants and wildlife, a home base for farmers who have historically, and continue to be, excluded from land access, and a home away from home for immigrant families in our community.