Our farm

100 Acres of Innovation

The Farm serves as a training incubator for aspiring farmers and a research and demonstration site where we can pilot new efforts. Some of the research questions we’re exploring include:

At the heart of all of our work is our belief in the commons -- in a shared economy. We aspire to build a farm that is representative of the diverse community we are a part of. The farm offers a safe and welcoming space for people of all backgrounds to connect to each other and the land.

We’ve had nearly 2,000 visitors from across the country walk the farm and learn about our work, among them multigenerational families, students, educators, dancers, scientists and spiritual leaders.

Brief History

In 2017, Sharing Our Roots acquired the 100-acres of farmland in partnership with the Loretto and Wasner families. Together, we share a vision for a different way to grow food - one that regenerates the land, offers climate mitigation solutions and creates opportunities for wealth creation and food sovereignty.

After the land was taken from the Dakota in the 1800s, this land was privately owned and utilized for conventional corn and soybean production and cattle grazing. The associated heavy tillage and chemical inputs resulted in compact, lifeless soil that polluted waterways flowing into the Cannon River.

From the beginning, we have worked closely with Ecological Design to integrate whole-systems thinking and today, the farm is teeming with life - a prime example of the resiliency that is possible when you let the land lead.