Our farm


Sharing Our Roots believes animals are an integral part of a healthy farm ecosystem. On our farm, you will find sheep, owned by local farmers, that rotationally graze the land, providing valuable nutrients with their manure and helping build the soil (if grazing is followed by long rests).

The poultry in our paddock also are grazers. We feed them mainly grains, but they also receive nutrition from the grasses, shrubs and trees planted in the paddock. The paddock vegetation provides them cover from predators while they exhibit their natural pecking behavior. In turn, they help build the soil with their manure and provide a healthy food product for the community and beyond.

To help establish profitability of all of our animal and plant enterprises, Sharing Our Roots is working with Lift Economy to develop a five-year business model that will demonstrate the impact of our work locally and regionally and will help other farmers in the region find potential markets for their products.