Our Initiatives

Sharing Our Roots leads a variety of initiatives designed to model a resilient future, create a shared economy, advance equity and steward the land.

Community Connectors

Community Connectors are respected leaders in their neighborhoods and community. They are dedicated to connecting families to services and resources that will help them reclaim their food sovereignty and security.

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Community Landshare

Accessing land for beginning farmers is often an obstacle to getting started. We rent portions of our farm to minority farmers looking for a place to trial and launch their agriculture enterprises.

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Climate Land Leaders

Agriculture is part of the solution to slowing down the climate crisis. We support farmland owners with community, technical assistance and resources they need to use their land for good.

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Through our WildlifeCounts project we are monitoring the return of important native species to our farm, with a special emphasis on ecosystem indicators like birds, amphibians and insects.

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Agrarian Commons

Through our Southeast Minnesota Agrarian Commons effort, we strive to help beginning farmers secure long-term access to land – without the need of upfront capital – for their start-up farm businesses.

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Support Small Farmers

Join the local food movement and support small farmers in our community! The Sharing Our Roots Farm is a home base for emerging and immigrant farmers selling high quality, regeneratively-grown vegetables, botanicals, beef, lamb and many other products.


With your help, we can restore the health of our planet and revitalize rural communities through the power of regenerative agriculture.